Hoe is jouw ervaring?

Mieke B.

Coördinator opvoedingsondersteuning | CAW Antwerpen (BE)

"Ik was mijn innerlijke stem kwijt en ja Ine jij hebt me dat terug gegeven. Ik ben dat terug beginnen voelen en dat is het grootste geschenk dat er bestaat. Die innerlijke stem maakt dat ik echt verder kan met mijn leven. Ik heb de kans gehad om terug dicht bij mezelf te komen. Dankje"

Wendy H.

Woonbegeleider CGG | Rotterdam (NL)

"Thank you so much for your sparkle which made the light in my heart shine brighter. Thank you so much for your lovely care as a facilitator of this Authentic Relating Weekend. Creating a save space for everyone, Holding space, where everything was welcome to be just as it was. So we could, struggle, mirror, connect, have conflict with ourselves and each other. Love your beautiful and open soul and appreciate all of your support and your warm presence. You were keeping us focused and grounded."

Annemieke V.

Kunstenares | Schoten (BE)

"Dankzij Ine, die me effectief toonde in praktijk hoe, kan ik nu op efficiënte, resolute én effectieve wijze mijn grenzen aangeven naar klanten én goede vrienden zonder dat zij zichzelf als persoon afgewezen voelen. Ik ben haar immens dankbaar, omdat me dat in 61 jaar nooit is gelukt."

Alton S.

Fotograaf | California (USA)

"Speaking with Ine is like jet fuel for knowing myself - through conversation we co-explore many of the facets I have kept hidden from myself for fear they wouldn't be accepted.

Before speaking with Ine, I would serve others endlessly, hoping they would return the favor but without asking. After speaking with Ine, I learned that leading with my selfish desires and following my heart gave others permission to own their desires too, and I would hit the ground running everywhere I showed up.

Eventually, I learned that I could stop striving everywhere I went, and that I could rest in this fundamental well being in the company of others, and we would still (surprisingly) fall in love. I feel like my emotional dynamic range has expanded, and that I'm more free to just be who I really want to be me. Thanks Ine."

Mareike K.

Online Marketing Manager | Digital Nomad

"I felt totally safe and could trust Ine and her knowledge 100% from the very first minute. That led me to really surrender into the practices and go with the flow. I felt super grateful to be able to learn from Ine about Authentic Relating, the practices, my practice partner, and myself.

She lead the session very professional and playful both at the same time, so it was easy to me to follow her lead."

Anya K.

Content Editor | Digital Nomad

"I attended Ine her Authentic Relating session on the Nomad Cruise, and had a great experience. Ine is skilled at creating a safe, comfortable space for people to open up and connect to each other. We started with some physical movement exercises to get in touch with our bodies, and then sat down in partners for an exercise where we asked and answered questions. I had not met my partner beforehand, and after this session - I felt like I knew her really well. I believe Authentic Relating practices are essential for human connection, and Ine is a wonderful facilitator of the practice."

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